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I hereby authorize and direct this mail & service holding assistance service , and any person or entity associated therewith, to act as my agent to file an official mail holding form on my behalf with the United States Postal Service and to work with the United States Postal Service to this effect. I certify that I am the person, executor, guardian, authorized officer, or agent of the person for whom mail would be held under the order. I fully understand that anyone submitting false or inaccurate information is subject to punishment by fine or imprisonment or both under Sections 2, 1001, 1702 and 1708 of Title 18, United States Code. By clicking the submit button, I hereby electronically sign and date this authorization as of this date. I consent to the use of electronic records for the purposes as listed in this authorization.
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ServiceHold is a private business that extends & simplifies the vacation hold process for its users. There is a $12 fee per account. We are not affiliated with the US Postal Service™ If you just wish to file one, and no more, postal mail request only within 30 days of the start date, we encourage you to try the free service at the USPS website.


Secure your residence or business by temporarily holding multiple services.

  • Stop Postal Mail

    Make multiple requests with no scheduling requirements. No trip to the post office.

  • Stop Newspaper Delivery

    Stop delivery for your local paper. Coverage nationwide.

  • Reduce Junk Mail

    Reduce unwanted mail for your trip and beyond. Lasts 5 years.

  • Additional Stops: Assistance with UPS, FEDEX, weekly and monthly magazines, utility companies and cable/internet holds with active service.

Hold Service Application

  • Request is for a business?

Select Hold Services


  • Postal Mail Hold

    Temporarily stop household or business mail delivery.

  • US Postal Mail Hold Options

    Select a mail redelivery option and leave instructions for the carrier or the USPS for the request.

  • Stop Newspaper Delivery

    Place a newspaper vacation hold.

  • Eliminate Junk Mail

    Reduce the amount of future junk mail that your household or business receive.

I agree to the Authorization appearing when I click this link, which authorizes this service to file on my behalf an official U.S. hold mail request form to hold my mail, if selected, and complete any additional hold services as listed for the address, person and date on this form and the Terms of Use of this service by clicking the submit button directly below.
Enter your name and contact information for changes regarding the hold request.

When entering an address be advised that all residents' selected services will be held.
**Important Information Regarding This Web Site: **Important Information Regarding This Web Site: ServiceHold provides its customers with goods and services for the household and business when they are away from their mailing or primary location, including the facilitation of the hold mail request process for its customers. ServiceHold is independently owned and operated by private business entities and is not affiliated with the USPS®. When performing the included USPS hold mail request as part of the Hold Services Package, ServiceHold acts as an authorized agent for customers to file their hold mail request with the USPS® - this service is provided at no additional cost to our customers. Customers may also be presented offers for commercial products and services. The official hold mail request with USPS® is performed upon submittal of the information electronically with the USPS and may take 72 hours or more to appear in the USPS system. The accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the customer. If you have any questions you may speak to a Customer Concierge by calling 1-866-848-0747. Contact hours are 10AM to 5PM EST.

The POSTAL SERVICE and USPS® trademarks are the exclusive property of the United States Postal Service™ and are used on this site only to refer to goods and services offered by the United States Postal Service.